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Branding + Graphic Identity Design
A graphic identity for an award-winning architecture and interior design firm.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Description

L2Partridge, an award-winning architecture and interior design company located in Philadelphia, wanted to update its branding and graphic identity. The company shortened its name from L2Partridge to L2P, moved into a new office, and wanted a graphic identity to reflect its new culture. The resulting brand is designed to reflect this well-known company as it moves forward.

The identity is crafted to be strong, contemporary, and sophisticated. The design needed to reflect the versatile architecture company that designs a range of projects including beautifully crafted workspaces, urban multifamily apartment complexes, massive science and technology projects, and hospitality spaces - just to name a few. As a result, the logo, typeface, and colors were carefully curated to be balanced and somewhat neutral.

The logo itself was born from Nudista, the font-face selected for the graphic identity, but was modified in-order to fit the balanced aspect of the new brand. The positive and negative space of the logo is nearly 50-50, making it flexible in use. Even the colors are reflective of the sophisticated nature of the company. While the majority of the color scheme consists of grey, the three complimentary colors are deep, natural, and rich.

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Brand Colors

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Font Selection

Nudista, designed by Tomáš Brousil, offers a beautiful balance between positive and negative. It has an authoritative tone, is somewhat rigid, and presents itself as sophisticated. For these reasons, Nudista was chosen for L2P.