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Build Your Brand with Strategic Design

BrandZap is a strategic design micro-agency dedicated to B2B & tech start-ups, where innovative strategies meet creative design.

Why Brandzap?

Empowering brands through creative direction and marketing design.

In crafting the story of BrandZap, we're not just sharing a narrative; we're addressing the real challenges tech startups and VC-backed companies face daily. The journey began with recognizing these pain points in the branding and marketing landscape:

Quick, Agile Branding

Gone are the days of endless branding projects. Our process is fast, letting you adapt and scale on your terms.

Growth In Mind

BrandZap is built on the principle that strategic design isn't just about the now, but about paving the way for future growth.

Budget Conscious

We bridge the gap between high-cost agencies and unreliable freelancers, offering expert, cost-effective solutions.

B2B Marketing Support

More than just design, we offer comprehensive B2B marketing, brand strategy, and tech integration to support your vision.

For The Fast-Movers

Built for the dynamic startup scene, our services cater to VC funded or pivoting companies ready for rapid development.

Collaborative Expertise

With our Trusted Collaborators, we seamlessly extend our skill set from SEO to web3 dev to video-production.

Brand Revamps

Things looking meh? Let's fix that.

If your brand needs a bit of a makeover or you're starting from scratch, our Brand Revamps have got you covered, ensuring every piece of your brand puzzle fits perfectly and stands out.

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Marketing Websites

B2B marketing website built for your company.

Our Custom Marketing Websites are built to impress and perform, making sure your visitors not only stay but also turn into leads, all on the cutting-edge Webflow platform.

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Ongoing Creative Direction

Get the creative leadership your team needs without the overhead of hiring.

Our Ongoing Creative Direction is like having your very own creative guru on speed dial, ready to guide your team with strategies that are as flexible as they are impactful.

Creative Direction

Align your existing creatives and designers with the product roadmap and brand vision to maximize their potential.

Design Review Process

Implement a design review process to enable clear communication and guidance for your creative team.

Resourcing & Hiring Support

Building a team? Maximizing the value of a role by finding the right person for the job.

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If you're planning on hiring or working with George - you're about to make a great decision.

Awonke Phewa

I’ve worked with George on multiple product launches, a company brand update, and a series of ongoing marketing campaigns. He approaches every opportunity with a can do attitude, an attention to detail, and remarkable creativity...

Frank Weiner, Director of Product Marketing

As a business stakeholder, I've watched George drive deep into challenges to understand business/marketing themes. These efforts have translated into stunning and comprehensive design.

Sean Swensen

George is a tremendous asset to any team. He is an effective, high initiative leader who produces quality results and excels equally in structured and ambiguous environments. If I ever found my own start-up, George will be one of the first folks that I call.

Mike Bruni, VP of Engineering

George has a profound way of simplifying complex systems and new methodologies into comprehendible and highly appealing visuals. We've worked together on a few projects now and it's evident he has a rare ability to not only translate a vision into marketing creative so accurately but also leverage his versatile skillset to build impactful and compelling narratives

Katie Schaffer

George is the best designer I've ever met.

Anthony Caputo, Chief People Officer

About George Little

BrandZap is led by George Little, a Design Consultant with a background in brand and creative direction, product building, and entrepreneurship. His dedication to solving aesthetic and procedural challenges is evident through his impactful roles, notably as the former Director of Marketing Design at Blockdaemon and as the Co-founder of and Founder of George's approach combines his deep industry knowledge with a practical view of design as a critical tool for problem-solving.