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What's Included

Logo, Colors, and Styles

New or refreshed logo design, colors and font selection, iconography, layouts and more, summarized in a style guide.

Competitor / Partner Analysis

Good brands know their neighbors... we'll create a visual map of other companies in the industry to make sure your brand stands out.

Dynamic Brand Guide

We'll build an online brand guide that can be easily referenced by your employees—and can be easily updated.

Slide Decks & Collaterals

Get a jump start on your new brand with a handful of updated slide decks, collaterals, and plenty of templates.

Company Swag Design

Share the fun with your employees and customers: t-shirts, dad-hats, stickers, the list goes on.

Social Graphics & Templates

Ensure your brand looks good across all social platforms with cover images and content-related post templates.

Brand Revamp Pricing

Starting at...


  • 4-Week Turnaround
  • Multiple Revisions
  • $3K to Start; Remainder within 45-days
  • 10% Off on Marketing Websites
Let's Do This

Proven Process

Our Brand Revamp process is short and sweet.



We’ll start with a conversation to better understand the hurdles and aspirations of your company's brand.


Options & Ideas

Over the following 4-weeks, we'll develop multiple options for your brand, reviewing with your along the way.


Design Rollout

Once we select an option, we'll finalize the branding in the style guide and roll it out to the decks and collaterals.

Frequent Questions, and Answers

What exactly is included in the Brand Revamp service?

Our Brand Revamp service offers a comprehensive suite to redefine your brand's identity. Before we get started, we'll define a scope based on your company's specific needs, however, typically they include a new or refreshed logo design, color schemes, font selection, and iconography, all summarized in a detailed style guide. We also provide slide decks and collaterals to jumpstart your new brand, design for company swag like t-shirts and stickers, and templates for consistent social media graphics.

How does the Competitor/Partner Analysis work, and how will it benefit my brand?

The Competitor/Partner Analysis is a critical part of our Brand Revamp process. We conduct an in-depth review of your industry landscape, identifying key players and how they position themselves. This analysis helps us ensure that your brand stands out by highlighting unique value propositions and differentiators. It's not just about being different, but also about carving a niche that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your business goals.

What is the process and timeline for a Brand Revamp?

Our Brand Revamp process is designed to be both thorough and efficient, typically spanning a 4-week period. It starts with a kick-off meeting to understand your brand aspirations and challenges. Over the following weeks, we develop multiple branding options, refining them based on your feedback. The final step is the design rollout, where we finalize the branding elements in a style guide and apply them to key assets like slide decks and collaterals. Sometimes, depending on availability or other external factors, Brand Revamps can last up to 6-weeks.

How does the pricing structure work, and what are the payment terms?

The Brand Revamp service starts at $7,500, with a payment structure designed for flexibility. A $3,000 initial payment is required to begin, with the remainder due within 45 days of project completion. This pricing includes multiple revisions to ensure your brand's new identity aligns perfectly with your vision. Should your project require more extensive work, we'll discuss this upfront to ensure transparency and alignment on scope and cost.

How involved will I be in the Brand Revamp process?

Your involvement is crucial to the success of the Brand Revamp. We encourage active participation from your end, especially during the initial discussions and feedback stages. Your insights and feedback help guide the creative direction and ensure the final deliverables resonate with your brand's ethos and business objectives. At the beginning of the project, we'll discuss who the stakeholders are, their availability, and level of input required.

How many revisions are included, and what happens if I'm not satisfied with the initial options?

Our goal is to get you kick-started on your brand. The service includes 4-5 revisions during the design phase. We'll present initial concepts and work closely with you to refine and adjust based on your feedback. If the initial options don't meet your expectations, we'll take your input and iterate until we achieve a design that you're satisfied with. And remember, our Brand Revamps are designed to get you pointed in the right direction and are designed to be built upon.

What support do you offer post-Brand Revamp, and how can I ensure my brand remains consistent across all platforms?

Post-Brand Revamp, we provide a dynamic or PDF brand guide that serves as a reference for your brand's visual and stylistic elements. This guide is easily accessible by your team and can be updated as your brand evolves. Additionally, we're here to offer ongoing support and advice for maintaining brand consistency across all platforms and materials.

Is there another consultation other than the initial 30-minute discussion?

Yes! At the onset of your project, we'll coordinate a kick-off where we can learn more about your company, brand, and marketing efforts. Additionally, we'll setup a series of touch-points throughout the project life-cycle to gather critical feedback and input.

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Our process starts with a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about your company and how BrandZap can help.

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About BrandZap

BrandZap specializes in strategic design consulting, catering to B2B SaaS technology companies and providers. Our mission is to offer impactful design and marketing solutions, leveraging the extensive experience of our leader, George Little, in marketing enterprise-level technology solutions, including AI-powered software and blockchain technology. Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your team, providing the flexible and impactful leadership necessary to elevate your brand and marketing efforts.

BrandZap is led by George Little, a Design Consultant with a background in brand and creative direction, product building, and entrepreneurship. His dedication to solving aesthetic and procedural challenges is evident through his impactful roles, notably as the former Director of Marketing Design at Blockdaemon and as the Co-founder of and Founder of George's approach combines his deep industry knowledge with a practical view of design as a critical tool for problem-solving.

If you're planning on hiring or working with George - you're about to make a great decision.

Awonke Phewa

George is a tremendous asset to any team. He is an effective, high initiative leader who produces quality results and excels equally in structured and ambiguous environments. If I ever found my own start-up, George will be one of the first folks that I call.

Mike Bruni, VP of Engineering

George is the best designer I've ever met.

Anthony Caputo, Chief People Officer

As a business stakeholder, I've watched George drive deep into challenges to understand business/marketing themes. These efforts have translated into stunning and comprehensive design.

Sean Swensen

George has a profound way of simplifying complex systems and new methodologies into comprehendible and highly appealing visuals. We've worked together on a few projects now and it's evident he has a rare ability to not only translate a vision into marketing creative so accurately but also leverage his versatile skillset to build impactful and compelling narratives

Katie Schaffer