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A fully customized, beautiful B2B marketing website: built specifically for your company.

Get a website that stands out.
Built and hosted on Webflow.

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What's Included

Fully Custom Webflow Site

Beautiful, responsive website designed to showcase your company’s brand, services, and organization.

Competitor / Partner Analysis

We’ll create a visual map of other industry companies’ websites to make sure your new website stands out.

Plenty of Pages & CMSs

Each site is planned and design based on your company’s specific needs.

Lead Generation Flow

We’ll build your site to ensure leads are the top priority and help integrate your current CRM (like Hubspot).

Landing & Campaign Pages

Running campaigns? Gating content? We’ll build some easy to use templates for your marketing team.

Basic SEO & Website Analytics

Each of our sites is designed with organic search ability and accessibility in mind. We’ll install free analytics tools to help you monitor users on your new website.

Marketing Website Pricing

Starting at...


  • 10-Week or Less Turnaround
  • Unlimited Requests & Changes*
  • $5k to Start, Monthly Payments
  • 1-Months Post-launch Maintenance
  • Includes 1-year of Webflow Hosting
  • Includes Domain Configuration

Copywriting, Video, & More...

BrandZap has a network of Trusted Collaborators who specialize in the areas that we don't. Ranging from blog authors to technical writers to videographers and animators, we keep our friends close by for times like these. These additional services are priced based on scope and are typically billed separately.

Proven Process

How we launch a new website in 10-weeks or less.



We’ll start with a conversation to better understand the hurdles and aspirations of your company's online presense.


Options & Site Mapping

Soon after, you'll get a few static options of what your website could look like. We'll review a visual diagram of how your site will be structured.


Design Development

Once we have direction, we'll get to work building out the website's interface. We'll work together to develop the content, or we can tap one of BrandZap's Trusted Collaborators.


Integrations & Lead Gen

We'll setup connections to your current marketing stack (like Hubspot or Calendly) to ensure leads are flowing.


Analytics & SEO Config

As the site nears completion, we'll install analytics tools and comb the site to ensure proper configuration of metadata and content structure.


Testing & Launch

Once the site is ready to go, we'll do some testing across multiple devices to ensure it looks slick on all screen sizes. Then its go time!

Frequent Questions, and Answers

What is included in the Marketing Websites service?

Our Marketing Websites service provides a fully customized, responsive Webflow site tailored to showcase your company's brand, services, and organization. It includes a competitor/partner analysis to ensure differentiation, a lead generation flow integrated with your CRM, templates for landing and campaign pages, and basic SEO & website analytics setup. The package also covers 1-year of Webflow hosting and domain configuration. Pricing for the project will be determined based on the size of the intended website.

Can you develop and install AI chatbots on my marketing website?

Yes, we can integrate AI-powered chatbots into your marketing website. These chatbots are designed to engage with visitors in real-time, answering their questions, guiding them through your website, and encouraging deeper interaction with your content. This not only improves the user experience but also supports lead generation by capturing visitor information and directing them to relevant resources or contact forms. We'll work with you to customize the chatbot's responses and interactions to align with your brand voice and business objectives, ensuring a seamless addition to your website's functionality.

How does the competitor/partner analysis enhance my website?

This analysis helps us understand the landscape in which your website will exist. By examining the websites of your competitors and partners, we identify trends, common features, and areas where we can differentiate your site. This ensures your website not only stands out but also effectively communicates your unique value proposition to your audience.

What is the turnaround time for a Marketing Website project?

Our process is designed to deliver your custom marketing website in 10 weeks or less. This timeline includes initial consultations, design development, integrations, analytics and SEO configuration, and thorough testing to ensure a smooth launch. Its also based on an estimated website size of about 6-pages and may vary depending on the complexity of the website.

Can you explain the unlimited requests and changes policy?

We understand that web design is a collaborative and iterative process. Our unlimited requests and changes policy means that during the development phase, you can request as many revisions as necessary to ensure the website meets your expectations within the timeframe we establish together. We're committed to working with you until from start to finish!

What CRM integrations are supported, and how does this help with lead generation?

We can integrate our websites with a variety of CRM systems, including popular platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, or SalesForce into your website. This integration streamlines lead capture and management, ensuring that your website not only attracts visitors but also effectively converts them into leads by funneling their information directly into your CRM for easy follow-up and nurturing.

How do you approach SEO and website analytics?

Our basic SEO setup includes optimizing your website's content and structure to improve visibility in search engine results. We also install analytics tools to monitor website performance, visitor behavior, and conversion rates. This dual approach ensures your website is not only found by your target audience but also provides insights for continuous improvement.

What happens after my website launches?

Post-launch, we provide 3 months of maintenance support to ensure your website operates smoothly and to make any necessary adjustments based on real-world usage. This includes bug fixes, minor updates, and optimizations based on user feedback and analytics insights. Additionally, we'll guide you on how to use the CMS and analytics tools so you can manage and update your website confidently.

Is there another consultation other than the initial 30-minute discussion?

Yes! At the onset of your project, we'll coordinate a kick-off where we can learn more about your company, brand, and marketing efforts. Additionally, we'll setup a series of touch-points throughout the project life-cycle to gather critical feedback and input.

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About BrandZap

BrandZap specializes in strategic design consulting, catering to B2B SaaS technology companies and providers. Our mission is to offer impactful design and marketing solutions, leveraging the extensive experience of our leader, George Little, in marketing enterprise-level technology solutions, including AI-powered software and blockchain technology. Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your team, providing the flexible and impactful leadership necessary to elevate your brand and marketing efforts.

BrandZap is led by George Little, a Design Consultant with a background in brand and creative direction, product building, and entrepreneurship. His dedication to solving aesthetic and procedural challenges is evident through his impactful roles, notably as the former Director of Marketing Design at Blockdaemon and as the Co-founder of and Founder of George's approach combines his deep industry knowledge with a practical view of design as a critical tool for problem-solving.

If you're planning on hiring or working with George - you're about to make a great decision.

Awonke Phewa

George is a tremendous asset to any team. He is an effective, high initiative leader who produces quality results and excels equally in structured and ambiguous environments. If I ever found my own start-up, George will be one of the first folks that I call.

Mike Bruni, VP of Engineering

George is the best designer I've ever met.

Anthony Caputo, Chief People Officer

As a business stakeholder, I've watched George drive deep into challenges to understand business/marketing themes. These efforts have translated into stunning and comprehensive design.

Sean Swensen

George has a profound way of simplifying complex systems and new methodologies into comprehendible and highly appealing visuals. We've worked together on a few projects now and it's evident he has a rare ability to not only translate a vision into marketing creative so accurately but also leverage his versatile skillset to build impactful and compelling narratives

Katie Schaffer