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IIEX Booth Experience

Marketing Design
A conference booth for a post-covid world.
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Austin, Texas

Project Description

In the wake of the world inching towards normalcy in 2022, Remesh made a strategic decision to mark its presence at IIEX Austin, the year's first in-person marketing event. Understanding the lingering apprehensions in a post-COVID landscape, the design of Remesh's booth, mobile landing page, and all digital materials were reimagined to minimize physical contact, allowing attendees to navigate the space within their personal comfort zones.

The booth was characterized by its simplicity, featuring a straightforward backdrop and tablecloth, accentuated by menu holders equipped with QR codes—a nod to the newfound familiarity with touchless interactions. Scanning these QR codes enabled visitors to dive deep into the Remesh universe, offering insights into the company, its representatives, and an array of resources. Most crucially, it facilitated future engagements by allowing booth visitors to schedule demo requests via a mobile landing page specifically tailored for the event.

This thoughtful approach not only addressed health and safety concerns but also showcased Remesh's commitment to innovation and adaptability, setting a new standard for event participation in uncertain times.

Catarina Prata
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