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Case Study

Establishing a Flexible Brand Presence and Online Identity

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When Vlad Bukovsky, the Founder of Kombi.Capital, approached BrandZap, they had already begun actively marketing through cold outreach campaigns. They had a basic understanding of their brand messaging and only a few assets that had been created on an as-needed basis, mostly for email purposes.

Initially, the company was named Kombinator Capital, which was a concept of combining venture motions into one equity firm. However, this name was lengthy and difficult to spell, resulting in a long website URL and email addresses. Furthermore, in some Scandinavian languages, it had a negative connotation meaning "to be ripped off," making it unsuitable for an investment company's name.

At that time, the company had no website or online presence. They primarily relied on cold outreach emails and calls, and it was crucial for them to establish a strong online presence.

Branding Strategy

Brand Name

The initial strategy involved examining the brand and its positioning. After conducting initial studies, it became clear that the name needed to be shortened and made more easily understandable. As a result, the name was changed from Kombinator to Kombi, and the top-level domain .capital was selected as the primary domain. This decision allowed for the company name to align with the website and email address domain, simplifying the memorability and correspondence process.

Diagram comparing overall length of domain names.

Brand Flexibility

At this stage of the company's lifecycle, they were still exploring different services, offerings, and approaches to clients in various markets. As a result, they required a brand that could be adaptable and allow them to present themselves in slightly different manners or tones, depending on the target audience.

For instance, when approaching a brick-and-mortar business owner they wished to invest in, the brand could adopt a more formal and polished approach, utilizing dark blue and khaki colors. On the other hand, when reaching out to a small business owner seeking marketing support, the brand could leverage brighter and more vibrant lavender and teal colors to create a fun and engaging impression.

Example of logo and background color variation.


The company's logomark is a sleek and minimalistic design, featuring the letter "k" with a dot positioned at its base. This simplified version of the company name allows for versatility and can be used in various color combinations to create different visual impressions.

The full logo maintains the same simplicity, with the company name displayed in title case. It also offers flexibility by incorporating a range of colors, providing ample opportunities for customization and adaptation.

Example of the various logo marks exuding different tones, from serious to playful.

Online Presence

When it came to establishing Kombi's online presence, they primarily required two main components: a social media presence and a straightforward marketing website that could serve as a means of verification and host campaign-based landing pages for their outreach efforts.

Webflow Website

The website is built on Webflow and features several pages, each catering to a different audience. The homepage provides an overview of the company, team bios, and a way to get started. Additionally, there are four service pages, each showcasing specific services such as marketing or investment, which can be offered to portfolio companies. While these pages follow a common structure, they are customized with subtle changes in color, layout, and text styling to resonate with the target audience.

The primary purpose of these pages is not only lead generation but also to serve as a point of validation for inbound traffic, often originating from emails or quick client searches. However, the website also includes form-based landing pages for each service, allowing for lead generation as well.

Screenshot of the marketing service page's hero content.

Landing Page Templates

Additionally, a landing page template system was developed to enable the Kombi team to create numerous landing pages, each with unique URLs, forms, and tracking for their outreach campaigns. By leveraging Webflow's CMS system, the BrandZap team successfully implemented multiple templates with forms that seamlessly integrate with Kombi's existing CRM and outreach platforms. This empowers their team to customize headlines, campaign copy, and imagery tailored to each ideal customer profile, fostering a higher level of brand trust.

LinkedIn Branding

When it comes to social media, Kombi primarily utilizes LinkedIn. Most of their business and communications occur through one-on-one conversations and networking off-platform. However, it is crucial for them to have a presence on LinkedIn to establish themselves as an established firm online.

To enhance their LinkedIn presence, we developed a set of simple Figma templates for Kombi's marketing team. These templates can be used for posting company updates or sharing blog posts. This brand solution provides Kombi with the flexibility they need to expand and grow at their own pace while maintaining their unique tone and style.


BrandZap's design transformed Kombi.Capital. More leads, stronger connections, deeper impact. They didn't just design our site, they defined our brand identity. We're thrilled with the results and excited for the future, together.

Vlad Bukovsky
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