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Bridging Law and Technology: Soleiman APC’s Brand Transformation

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Soleiman APC is an institutional law firm based in San Diego.

With a recent strategic shift towards integrating technology and artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience, their existing brand fell short. The outdated and unsophisticated brand image did not resonate with their target audience, potentially signaling subpar services. Compounding this issue, their website lagged behind in performance, mobile compatibility, and lacked essential SEO structure needed for organic traffic growth.

The project’s primary objective was clear: create a modern, elegant brand that highlights the firm's technological advancements while maintaining an image of trustworthiness and institutional integrity.

Before and After: Soleiman's old logo on the left, and its new logo by BrandZap on the right.


This 10-week project was meticulously divided into two main phases to maintain focus and flexibility among stakeholders.

The first phase involved a comprehensive brand revamp, aimed at establishing a fresh and impactful brand identity within a few weeks. This included developing a new logo, color palette, textiles, and creating various templates for social media posts and event announcements.

Building on the revamped brand, the second phase focused on redesigning and constructing a new marketing website. This included reorganization and pruning of existing content to better reflect the firm’s current approach and offerings. The scope covered the creation of a homepage, service-oriented pages, an about page featuring team members, and a blog for publishing relevant articles and company news.

Brand Revamp

At BrandZap, we specialize in delivering high-quality B2B graphic design and branding services quickly and iteratively. Our brand revamp process employs mood boards, mockups, and collaborative discussions to explore various brand possibilities. This allows stakeholders to visualize the brand’s presence online, at events, and in-person.

For Soleiman APC, this process was particularly effective, showcasing different identities ranging from sophisticated to playful. The outcome included a new logo, color palette, textiles, layout templates, and iconography. We also created user-friendly templates for social media posts and event announcements, ensuring seamless communication for non-designer staff members.

Examples of social media and invite graphics for Soleiman APC

New Tag Line

Recognizing the need to balance technological advancement with a human touch, we brainstormed tag lines that reflect both. The chosen tagline, "Technology driven, human focused," perfectly encapsulates Soleiman's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance human interactions. This tagline underscores their dual focus on cutting-edge technology and maintaining the personal touch that clients expect from a trusted law firm.

Soleiman APC's new tagline "Human Focused, Technology Driven"

Approach & Strategy

Relaunch Planning

Soleiman APC’s stakeholders required guidance through their first brand relaunch. We led them through strategic planning to understand the public relaunch process, timing the brand update to coincide with the website launch. Detailed project phasing included major milestones, reviews, and critical client touchpoints. This strategic approach ensured that the brand revamp and website launch were aligned, maximizing impact.

A significant part of the project was developing a new website to better communicate Soleiman’s value and strategically position their services. Using Webflow for its customization and efficiency, we reorganized the existing content to better reflect the firm’s current approach and offerings.

Website Structure and Design

A significant portion of the project’s scope was focused on the creation of a brand new website that better communicated the firm’s value as well as strategically position its service offerings.

Before the new website could be designed and implemented, the existing content needed to be reorganized and pruned to better reflect the firm’s current approach and offerings.

BrandZap uses Webflow for all new website builds, mainly because of its highly customizable nature and its ability to create stunning websites in a fraction of the time it would typically take an agency to develop a WordPress site. For Soleiman, the choice was no different.

The scope included the creation of a new homepage, a collection of service-oriented pages, a about page that features each team member, and a blog for publishing relevant articles and company news. All of these pages are designed to funnel potential buyers to the last page, a contact us page with a form for reaching out to the firm to schedule a consultation.

Two website structure options presented to Soleiman APC.

Content Reorganization

With a plan in place, we moved into the first activity: reviewing and reorganizing the existing website content.

The previous site was cluttered and lacked effective calls-to-action. By diagramming the existing site and creating wireframe options, we aimed to deliver maximum impact with minimal user interactions, ensuring a simple and intuitive user experience.

Target Audience Engagement

Given that Soleiman APC’s audience primarily engages at in-person events and industry gatherings, the brand's graphic design needed to convey sophistication and trust quickly. While the website is set to grow into an SEO-driven asset, its primary role is to validate the firm’s credibility. The design elements, from color palettes to typography, were chosen to reflect this balance of modern technology and traditional legal values.

Our content strategy focused on placing the most important information at the top of each page, understanding that visitors often don’t scroll past the midpoint.

Each section was designed to be concise and inviting, encouraging users to explore further. Call-to-action buttons were contextually placed to be non-intrusive, enhancing the user experience without interrupting the flow. Additionally, specific attention was placed on creating related content links that would allow users to stay on the website for longer.

Redirects & Existing URLs

To maintain existing SEO value, we mapped and redirected old URLs to the new site using 301 redirects. Post-launch, we monitored and added additional redirects as needed to prevent 404 errors and ensure a seamless transition. This approach helped preserve the firm’s search engine rankings and ensured that users could still find relevant content without encountering broken links.

A New Brand

The new brand for Soleiman APC balances the traditional image of a law firm with a modern technological edge. The logo, adaptable across digital and print media, pairs with a color palette inspired by legal documents—black, white, tan, golden tones, and deep navy blues, evoking timelessness and trust.

Typography Choices

We chose a modern serif fontface for the brand’s new primary font: Quincy CF. It’s a beautifully balanced font that feels as if it’s from another, past, era. Its serif characteristics make it reminiscent of legal text. The font offers a range of weights that suit usage across a range of environments, perfect for Soleiman’s in-person marketing efforts.

For the brand’s commonly used font, or paragraph font, we chose Inter. Inspired by the Helvetica font family, Inter is a modern sans-serif font designed for digital screens. We chose this font for a few reasons, one in particular is its relationship to its inspiration, which is used across countless modern legal and government documents across the globe. It’s sturdy, and trustworthy. Inter, like Helvetica, looks great in almost every scenario its used in, allowing for a huge number of applications.

Webflow Website

The new website is the best representation of Soleiman’s new brand. The website design aims to enhance the balance between classic institutional law firm and modern technology enabled legal practice. It takes inspiration from paper legal documents and editorial publications, pushing an idea about timelessness and institutional trust. The site features quick interactions, subtle animations, and consistent design elements, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience.

Screenshot of new Soleiman APC homepage.

User Experience and Design System

The website design enhances the balance between classic institutional law firm and modern technology-enabled legal practice. It takes inspiration from paper legal documents and editorial publications, pushing an idea about timelessness and institutional trust.

The site’s interactions are intended to be quick, offering slight animations to buttons, hover styles, and scrolling-based content entry. Drop shadows below clickable objects and a strict design system ensure consistency across each page and content instance. The new website loads quickly and displays beautifully on thousands of devices due to its flexible design.

Modular Website Design

A key concern among stakeholders was the ability to update and expand the website post-launch without relying heavily on external help. We addressed this by designing the site to be modular and user-friendly, allowing Soleiman APC’s team to make changes easily. The website’s structure in Webflow allows for drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring that updates and additions can be made seamlessly without needing deep technical knowledge.

Animation Style

We incorporated animated linework to illustrate the dynamic intersection of technology and law. These simple animations add movement without distraction, enhancing the user experience and emphasizing the firm's commitment to innovative legal solutions.

The animations are subtle, ensuring they enhance rather than detract from the user experience. They provide visual interest and help guide the user's attention to key areas of the website, reinforcing the modern, tech-savvy image of the firm.

Summary & TLDR

Soleiman APC, a prominent institutional law firm in San Diego, faced a branding and technological challenge that needed a strategic overhaul. Their outdated brand and underperforming website failed to resonate with their target audience and lagged in technological advancements. With a clear goal to modernize their brand while maintaining their institutional integrity, Soleiman APC partnered with BrandZap for a comprehensive brand revamp and website redesign.

BrandZap embarked on a two-phase project over ten weeks. The first phase focused on the brand revamp, where we developed a new logo, color palette, textiles, and user-friendly templates for social media and event announcements. This iterative process involved mood boards, mockups, and collaborative discussions, allowing stakeholders to visualize various brand identities before honing in on the perfect look and feel. The result was a sophisticated, modern brand that aligned with Soleiman's technological push while retaining their trustworthy image.

The second phase involved redesigning the marketing website using Webflow. We reorganized and pruned the existing content to better reflect the firm’s current approach and offerings. The new website, featuring a homepage, service-oriented pages, an about page, and a blog, was designed to funnel potential clients towards scheduling consultations. The website’s design emphasizes quick interactions, subtle animations, and a consistent design system, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

The project’s success lies in its ability to balance Soleiman APC’s traditional law firm image with modern technological sophistication. BrandZap’s strategic approach, using Webflow’s flexible and user-friendly platform, ensured that the new website not only performed well but also allowed the client to make updates easily. This comprehensive overhaul has set a solid foundation for Soleiman APC’s future growth, enhancing their credibility and engagement with their target audience.

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