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Node D'amora

Graphic Design
Wine label inspired by Romeo & Juliet
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Verona, Italy

Project Description

A story is nothing without its setting.

Much like that of a fine wine, its taste and texture is rooted in the vineyard where it was born – the setting gives birth to the experience. For two young lovers in Verona, their saga began with a boy in a garden and a young lady on her balcony, a beautiful perch made of stone. The label design for Nodo D’Amore features an axonometric drawing of Juliet’s balcony, shown from the view of an observer – removed, and imagined. The yellow rectangular portion of the label has been set on a charcoal matte to highlight its simplicity and draw attention to the fine white lines of the axonometric illustration. The text, border, and balcony drawing have been debossed, to create a punch-out eect, producing slight shadows around the edges to give a sense of sophistication and craft. The two logos have been placed evenly below the yellow rectangle; visible on the label, but out of the way and subtle. Additionally, the label’s shape has been carefully designed.

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