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Folcroft Campus Maps

Graphic Design
Handouts with maps and infographics.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Description

These maps are part of a commercial real estate brochure typically given to prospective tenants as they arrive at the Folcroft business park for a tour. The maps were designed to act as both a navigational tool as well as a piece of marketing collateral. When prospective tenants land at the nearby airport, they often chat with a broker via phone, who provides some verbal directions using references like local businesses and stoplights. Each map provides these same locations so visitors can easily navigate without the need for a map app.

There are a few different maps shown. Firstly, a local map showing the nearby airport and both business parks and provides directions from two major traffic corridors. Second, two campus maps show each of the buildings as well as key businesses and truck routes. Additionally, there is an abstracted regional map designed to promote the business parks’ location as a time-and-money saver by diagramming advantages like access to toll-free interstate coordinators and constraints like wage tax and high-traffic bridges. Other relevant regional business and traffic data is also displayed.

The handouts were designed to be printed on 11” x 17” cardstock.

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