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Lightforms NFT

NFT Web3
36 unique typographical studies of letterforms
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Project Description

The Lightforms NFT collection represents a unique exploration of typography, blending the realms of digital art and design studies through a series of 36 distinct letterform projections. Each piece within the collection meticulously examines the nuances of typography by projecting the same character in three different fonts—Inter, a prevalent sans-serif of the modern era; Didot, a classic serif with an elegant italicized stance; and DIN Narrow, embodying the essence of modernist sans-serif design.

This artistic endeavor delves into the contrasts and harmonies among these typographical styles, rendering each character onto a film-like canvas that evokes a sense of nostalgia yet feels distinctly contemporary. The collection is not just an aesthetic exploration but also a narrative on the versatility and expressive potential of typography in shaping digital artistry.

By utilizing NFTs as the medium, Lightforms bridges the gap between traditional typographical studies and the burgeoning digital art space, offering collectors and typography enthusiasts alike a chance to own a piece of this innovative intersection.

The NFT collection is minted on the Ethereum Blockchain and is for sale on

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