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VFX Insiders Podcast

Branding + Graphic Design
Retro-inspired branding for a podcast about visual effects in Hollywood.
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Scottsdale, Arizona

Project Description

The VFX Insiders Podcast shines a spotlight on the intricate world of visual effects and filmmaking, engaging listeners through insightful interviews with diverse professionals from the VFX community. The brand's graphic identity, encapsulating a logo, podcast album cover, and website, mirrors the podcast's informative yet entertaining essence with a nod to vintage flair and whimsical illustrations.

In an industry where tools and equipment play pivotal roles, the branding cleverly incorporates three-dimensional illustrations of these essential elements, immersing the audience in the behind-the-scenes magic of movie production. The design also pays homage to the podcast's geographical roots, blending inspirations from Arizona's landscapes with Los Angeles's iconic settings to create a backdrop that resonates with the VFX community's core.

To ensure cohesion with the host company, Cedarleaf VFX, the podcast's branding borrows elements like the Bahnscrift font, a hallmark of Cedarleaf VFX, and a carefully selected color palette. This strategic alignment ensures that while VFX Insiders Podcast stands out as an engaging platform for VFX enthusiasts, it remains unmistakably part of the Cedarleaf family.

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Brand Colors

VFX Gear Illustrations

Font Selection

The two font faces selected offer two different, yet complementary tones. Bahnschrift is a contemporary fontface and is the official logo font of Cedarleaf VFX. Farm New, on the other hand, offers a softer, more relaxed, retro feeling to help balance the brand.