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VFX Insiders Podcast

Branding + Graphic Design
Retro-inspired branding for a podcast about visual effects in Hollywood.
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Scottsdale, Arizona

Project Description

The VFX Insiders Podcast focuses on the world of visual effects and movie making. Through interviews with various people in many different roles within the visual effects community, this podcast has taken on a fun, yet informative tone. The graphic identity, which primarily consists of a logo, podcast album cover, and a website, tries to reflect this tone by introducing a retro stylization and cartoonish illustrations. Throughout the branding, the various tools and pieces of equipment often used in the production of movies, specifically with visual effects, are illustrated in a three-dimensional fashion. Additionally, since the podcast is hosted in Arizona and focuses a lot around Los Angeles, a mixture of the two landscapes is used as inspiration for the website.

Hosted by Scott Cedarleaf of Cedarleaf VFX, the brand needed to be somewhat similar to feel cohesive with the Cedarleaf VFX brand. To achieve this connection, some overlap was created. For example, the Bahnscrift font face, which is the primary font face of Cedarleaf VFX, was used throughout the podcast’s brand. Additionally, some of the colors were also borrowed.

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Brand Colors

VFX Gear Illustrations

Font Selection

The two font faces selected offer two different, yet complementary tones. Bahnschrift is a contemporary fontface and is the official logo font of Cedarleaf VFX. Farm New, on the other hand, offers a softer, more relaxed, retro feeling to help balance the brand.