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Radio Remesh

Branding + Graphic Design
A fun sipn-off of the Remesh brand.
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Phoenix, Arizona

Project Description

Innovative Engagement: Remesh's Mock-Radio Show for Enhanced Team Connection

As Remesh experienced rapid growth, the conventional remote happy hours and Zoom-based team building activities began to lose their luster among employees. Recognizing the need to invigorate company culture, the CEO initiated a new segment during the all-hands townhall meetings. The chosen format was a mock-radio show, a creative venture where "callers" participated in lighthearted discussions on varied topics, including popular podcasts. This segment was more than just a break from the norm; it was an opportunity to foster a unique sense of community and engagement within the team.

To distinguish this segment from the more traditional executive updates and ensure it captured the team's attention, a mini-brand was developed specifically for this initiative. This branding effort was not just about creating a special look and feel but about infusing the segment with a sense of exclusivity and excitement. The mini-brand drew inspiration from the energy and spontaneity of radio shows, making each session an eagerly anticipated event within the company.

This creative approach to internal engagement showcases Remesh's commitment to maintaining a vibrant company culture, even as it scales. By introducing innovative formats like the mock-radio show, Remesh continues to strengthen team bonds and foster a dynamic and inclusive workplace environment.

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