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Lazarus Rising Portal UI

Product Design
A virtual workshop portal to help the homeless
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Phoenix, Arizona

Project Description

Lazarus Rising, a compassionate non-profit based in New York City, embarked on a mission to empower homeless individuals by equipping them with crucial job-seeking skills. To achieve this noble goal, a user-friendly web-based UI was conceptualized to seamlessly connect three distinct user groups: homeless individuals, volunteers, and coordinators, facilitating a series of online workshops for resume creation and mock interviews.

Given the diverse technological capabilities and access among the users, the design of the portal was approached with a keen focus on simplicity and accessibility. The primary objective was to minimize navigation complexity by reducing the number of screens and consolidating essential information within a single, distraction-free window. This approach ensured that participants could focus on the workshops without the need to toggle between multiple areas of the product.

The portal's design was carefully crafted to accommodate a limited tech budget and integrate smoothly with existing systems, all while being mindful of the basic computer skills of its varied user base. The result is a streamlined, efficient platform that not only supports Lazarus Rising's mission but also enhances the overall user experience for those seeking to make a meaningful change in their lives.

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