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Project Description

Digital Evolution: Remesh's Interactive "Responsive eBook" Project

In response to the global shift to remote work in 2020, Remesh's marketing team embarked on an innovative project to revamp their ebook content delivery. Recognizing the limitations of traditional 8.5" x 11" PDF formats in a digital-first world, Remesh sought to create a more engaging and accessible format for their informative ebooks.

The "Responsive eBook" project was born out of a necessity to adapt to the diverse range of devices used by remote workers. Built in HTML using Webflow, these ebooks transcended the constraints of static PDFs, offering a fluid reading experience that automatically adjusts to fit any device screen. This continuous, single-page layout, segmented into easily navigable sections through a floating menu, represented a significant leap in content presentation.

Beyond enhancing user experience, the responsive design introduced numerous advantages, including the capacity for marketing tracking, embedding multimedia elements like videos and interactive diagrams, and integrating a chatbot for real-time assistance. This transformative approach to ebook design set a new standard for digital collateral, aligning perfectly with the evolving needs of Remesh's audience.

Catarina Prata, Andie Baker, Sam Yancey
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