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Product & Brand Design, Content.
Made-up, yet surprisingly realistic creative briefs for designers to help build their portfolios.
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Phoenix, AZ

Project Description is a free online resource for aspiring marketing designers and career transitioners. I started the platform in early 2023 out of my own experience changing career paths. I realized there wasn't much out there in terms of practice materials and portfolio help for Marketing Designers. To address this need, I developed CreativeBriefs as a way to help people interested in Marketing Design improve their portfolios with realistic briefs derived from my own experience. These briefs are based on real brands, and combined with generative AI to build the briefs and context, encourage people to use research as a design tool and create projects based on their findings.

The brand was developed to engage with a younger, aspiring design community. The logo features a floating set of white underwear, or "briefs," which is a playful nod to the brand's origins and a clever play on words. The fonts, colors, and use of gradients also reflect the current popular style of brand design.

The platform was fully developed on Webflow and includes a user system, search feature, and CMS-powered template pages. Its purpose is to provide a platform for viewing briefs in a simple and straightforward manner. All briefs are formatted consistently, making it easy to reference them on desktop or mobile devices.

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Brand Colors

Font Selection

Syne was selected as the primary brand font for its futuristic and contemporary style. It reflects the current zeitgeist among up-and-coming graphic designers, who are the primary target market for