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Product & Brand Design, Content
Made-up, yet surprisingly realistic creative briefs for designers to help build their portfolios.
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Phoenix, AZ

Project Description emerges as a pivotal free online resource dedicated to nurturing aspiring marketing designers and individuals pivoting to new career paths. The inception of this platform in early 2023 was sparked by the founder's personal journey through a career transition, highlighting a gap in the availability of practical materials and portfolio development resources for Marketing Designers.

CreativeBriefs addresses this need head-on, offering users an array of realistic project briefs inspired by real-world brands. These briefs, enriched by generative AI, not only provide context but also encourage the use of research as a pivotal design tool, enabling users to craft projects grounded in their discoveries.

The branding of CreativeBriefs is deliberately youthful and engaging, aiming to resonate with the aspiring design community. The logo, featuring whimsically floating white "briefs," serves as a playful homage to the platform's name and origin. This is complemented by modern fonts, colors, and gradients that mirror contemporary branding trends.

Developed entirely on Webflow, CreativeBriefs boasts a user-friendly interface complete with a user system, search functionality, and CMS-powered templates. The platform's primary aim is to present briefs in an accessible format, consistently laid out for effortless reference on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Brand Colors

Font Selection

Syne was selected as the primary brand font for its futuristic and contemporary style. It reflects the current zeitgeist among up-and-coming graphic designers, who are the primary target market for