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Product Design + Branding
A community-powered website where campers can find firewood.
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Project Description emerges as a pioneering community-driven platform, designed to connect campers, RV enthusiasts, van dwellers, and all who cherish the great outdoors with essential resources like firewood. Conceived by George and his long-time friend John Petrini, is the culmination of years of dedication, fueled by a shared passion for enhancing the camping experience.

In an era where digital solutions increasingly facilitate real-world interactions, stands out with its web-app interface, optimized for low-internet conditions across a plethora of devices. At its core, the platform serves a simple yet crucial purpose: providing a user-friendly map of firewood vendors, ideal for both pre-trip planning and on-the-go needs.

Emphasizing community contribution, allows users to both discover firewood locations and contribute new ones. The submission process is streamlined, requesting a photo (utilizing its GPS data for precise location mapping) and brief details about the vendor, fostering a rich, collaboratively curated resource.

The project's design ethos reflects a commitment to humility and accessibility, deliberately avoiding the polish of tech company aesthetics in favor of a more inclusive, reddit-friendly vibe. This is echoed in the branding, from the nature-inspired color palette to the cartoon-style campfire logo, which doubles as a charming loading screen. The choice of a rounded DIN font, reminiscent of park signage, further grounds the site in the outdoor experience it seeks to enhance.

Launched in 2021, is not just a testament to innovative thinking but also a celebration of the camping community's spirit, supported entirely by self-funding and donations.

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Brand Colors

Font Selection

The primary font, DIN Rounded was chosen to reflect the nature of national and state park signage. Most of these signs are created using a CNC milling process which uses a rounded drill-bit to carve out the shapes of each letter into wood. The side-effect of using this technique are the rounded ends of each letter, showing the size of the drill-bit itself.