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Product Design + Branding
A community-powered website where campers can find firewood.
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Project Description is a community-based website where campers, RV's, van dwellers, and outdoors-y folks can find firewood. The website is a side-project I've been working on for the past few years with my long-time friend, John Petrini.

The website is designed as a web-app that loads with very low internet on thousands of devices. The idea was really simple: a map of locations where campers can find firewood for sale - both for planning and in a pinch. We really wanted the site to be community driven, so the two primary functions are: finding firewood and submitting firewood locations. When users submit firewood, we ask them to include a photo, which we utilize the GPS coordinates stored in it to help pinpoint the location. Then, we ask a few quick questions about the locations, like the establishment type and split/sorting, before uploading to the map. A large focus for the project was conveying humility and openness as we didn't want to the site to feel like a tech company, but rather a reddit-friendly website for everyone. The site is fully self and donation supported.

The branding of the website was critical to its impression, and reflects the nature of the founders and intent. The colors are derived from natural settings, much like you'd find on a hike or at a campsite. The logo is a cartoon-style campfire, which is used as the loading screen as well. Additionally, the font was selected to reflect the signage found throughout state and national parks across the us: a rounded DIN often used by CNC milling machines.

The site launched in 2021.

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Brand Colors

Font Selection

The primary font, DIN Rounded was chosen to reflect the nature of national and state park signage. Most of these signs are created using a CNC milling process which uses a rounded drill-bit to carve out the shapes of each letter into wood. The side-effect of using this technique are the rounded ends of each letter, showing the size of the drill-bit itself.