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Remesh Website Rebuild

Graphic Design
A ground-up rebuild of the Remesh website
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Project Description

A ground-up rebuild of the Remesh website that aligns with a larger brand transition. The Remesh website receives thousands of visits every week and serves as the front door to the Remesh product, as well as company info, news, press, resources, and careers. The existing website was dated and required a lot of effort to update do to its limited capacity and functionality. The goal for the project was the ability to bring the design and management of the Remesh Marketing Website in-house, allowing for the Marketing Design team to continually build, customize, fix, and update.

The resulting site is responsive, animated, interactive, and most importantly, is designed with accessibility in mind. It consists of about 20 custom-built pages as well as hundreds of automatically generated ones for our events, ebooks, and other resources. The site is organized around four major navigation links: product, solutions, resources, and company, which each have their own 'navigation drawer' consisting of an interactive pane on the left and navigation links on the right. The website is also designed using responsive techniques which allow it to resize dynamically for thousands of devices.

Catarina Prata, Andie Baker
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