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Cedarleaf VFX

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Graphic identity design for a film industry brand.
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Scottsdale, Arizona

Project Description

Cedarleaf VFX stands at the forefront of Reality Capture technology, transforming physical spaces into highly detailed 3D digital models for the film and movie production industry. This special effects company harnesses LiDAR technology to achieve unparalleled precision in its models. Cedarleaf VFX's process unfolds in two critical phases: the scanning of movie sets, locations, actors, props, and vehicles, followed by a meticulous processing phase.

The branding for Cedarleaf VFX was crafted to reflect its robust, contemporary, and cutting-edge nature. The logo, deriving directly from the company name, hints at future expansions with its versatile suffix structure, beginning with Cedarleaf VFX. Designed in three configurations, the logo adapts seamlessly across various applications, embodying the VFX industry's dynamic and equipment-intensive nature.

A distinctive delta shape, replacing the 'A's in Cedarleaf, symbolizes the core LiDAR technology that underpins the company, mirroring the surveyor's target delta. The color palette, blending industrial blues and oranges with natural greens, nods to both the company's technological prowess and its historical lineage, encapsulating Cedarleaf VFX's unique intersection of innovation and heritage.

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Brand Colors

Logo Alternatives

Font Selection

Bahnscrift is an advanced, somewhat industrial font face, that reflects the nature of Cedarleaf VFX's work.