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Cedarleaf VFX

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Graphic identity design for a film industry brand.
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Scottsdale, Arizona

Project Description

Cedarleaf VFX is a special effects company that specializes in Reality Capture, a process of translating real-world conditions into extremely detailed 3D digital models. These models are used for various purposes during the movie and film production process. Cedarleaf VFX uses LiDAR, a laser based survey system, to create their detailed models.

The basis of their work spans between two major phases, the first being the scanning phase and the second a processing phase. Cedarleaf VFX scans movie sets, real world locations, actors and actresses, props, and vehicles.

The overall graphic identity for Cedarleaf VFX is designed to be strong, rugged, and contemporary. The logo was developed out of the company name, with a suffix, allowing for future branches of the Cedarleaf brand - starting with Cedarleaf VFX. The logo was designed in three configurations, allowing for loads of flexibility in uses. Since the VFX industry is so diverse, and utilizes so many different pieces of equipment, the brand needs to be recognizable, dynamic, and easy to use.

The delta-shape that replaces the ‘A’s in Cedarleaf, is representative of the principal technology that the company is built around: LiDAR surveying. In multiple industries, the delta is used as a target for surveyors to aim at. While the company’s involvement with the VFX industry is vast, the basis of it is in laser scanning.

The colors were selected to represent the two sides of the Cedarleaf name: industry and namesake. The dark blue and orange are borrowed from the industrial aspects of movie production. They are intended to create a feeling of steel, metal, and machinery. On the other hand, the two greens are borrowed from the ‘cedar’ reference in the family name Cedarleaf, a lineage going back hundreds of years in northern europe where the name originated.

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Brand Colors

Logo Alternatives

Font Selection

Bahnscrift is an advanced, somewhat industrial font face, that reflects the nature of Cedarleaf VFX's work.