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Know How

Brand Design
A logo built from two overlapping words.
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Phoenix, AZ

Project Description

Know How Collective is an educational online startup that focuses on creating body-positive and earth-friendly products for gardening, yoga, and childhood learning. This early brand study aimed to bring the brand name to life using minimalistic design. The logo is composed of two words: "know" and "how", which overlap when right-aligned to create a new word: "khow".

The logo's primary character is the letter "w", which is a single bent line. This references Know How Collective's primary audience and subject matter: gardening and yoga. The "w" can easily represent a worm or a yoga pose, which solidifies the logo's dual nature and meaning.

The colors used in the brand are a bright educational orange balanced with a soft khaki color. This allows for a duality in brand tone, as it can be both bright and loud while also communicating seriousness. Additionally, the brand has a layer of friendliness on top.

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Brand Colors

Logo Construction

Font Selection

MuseoModerno was selected as the primary brand font for its geometric nature. The font's retro-modern spacing and curvy characters make it ideal for capturing the nature and spirit of Know How.