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Know How

Branding Design
A logo built from two overlapping words.
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Phoenix, AZ

Project Description

Know How Collective, an educational online startup, is revolutionizing the space of body-positive and earth-friendly products across gardening, yoga, and childhood learning sectors. The brand's early study brought its name to life through a minimalist design ethos, encapsulating its essence in a sleek, meaningful logo. The logo ingeniously merges the words "know" and "how," aligning them to form "khow" when right-aligned, showcasing a clever play on words.

The logo's standout feature, the letter "w," depicted as a single, elegantly bent line, serves a dual purpose. It symbolizes the brand's core focus areas - gardening and yoga - by resembling both a worm and a yoga pose, reinforcing the logo's multifaceted symbolism.

The brand's color palette, a vibrant educational orange paired with a serene khaki, introduces a dynamic duality. This combination enables the brand to be both vivacious and serious, topped with an overarching layer of approachability. This strategic use of color and design elements perfectly embodies the Know How Collective's mission and audience engagement goals.

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Brand Colors

Logo Construction

Font Selection

MuseoModerno was selected as the primary brand font for its geometric nature. The font's retro-modern spacing and curvy characters make it ideal for capturing the nature and spirit of Know How.