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Remesh Subbrands

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Unique versions of the Remesh brand based on content.
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Project Description

The Remesh marketing team produces loads of content and host multiple events per month. These range from ebooks, to webinars and live demos, to case studies and speaking engagements. As the company grew over the past few years, our social and email channels became cluttered with similar looking promotions and “social cards”.

To help reduce repetition, and create more distinction between all of our promotions, multiple “sub-brands” were created using various elements from the core Remesh brand. The sub-brands each aim to create a tone appropriate for their respective content. This strategy helped create more diversity in our promotional branding and created more continuity between publications, events, or demos. 

Remesh Live!

These events are live demos of the Remesh platform in a webinar style format, often with guest moderators or hosts. This style is designed to be reminiscent of recording studios and neon lighting associated with live events. 


The ebooks style is designed to feel warm and inviting, creating a 1:1 relationship between the reader and the content. They are supposed to feel fun and playful. 


Our live webinar events are curated based on subject matter, often discussing business, market research, or employee insights. This style was created to instill a setting of institutionalism and nostalgia. 

Conferences + Events

Before the pandemic, Remesh would attend many industry and trade based events in huge convention centers and conference halls. The conferences style is an abstraction of these spaces, envisioning what they might look like from the ceiling - or in plan view. 

Case Studies

The basis of these documents are stories about how Remesh has helped our clients and partners. This style tries to focus on the content without distraction or flairs. 

Catarina Prata, Andie Baker, Sam Yancey
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