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Remesh Sub-brands

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Unique versions of the Remesh brand based on content.
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Project Description

In the bustling landscape of digital marketing, Remesh has stood out by producing a wide variety of content and hosting numerous events each month. This includes an array of ebooks, webinars, live demos, case studies, and speaking engagements. However, as Remesh expanded, its social and email channels started to exhibit a uniformity in promotional content, leading to a cluttered and less distinct marketing presence.

To address this, Remesh devised a strategic solution by creating multiple "sub-brands." Each sub-brand draws from the core Remesh identity but is tailored to fit the tone and style appropriate for its specific content type. This approach has not only mitigated repetition but also established a more distinctive and cohesive branding across all promotions.

Remesh Live!

These offers engaging live demos in a webinar format, often featuring guest moderators. The ambiance is inspired by the electric feel of live events, complete with studio vibes and neon aesthetics.


The ebooks style is crafted to be inviting and engaging, aiming for a personal touch that makes the reader feel directly connected to the content. The design exudes a sense of fun and playfulness.


Webinars tackle a variety of topics, from business insights to market research, in a setting that evokes academic nostalgia and a sense of institutional wisdom.

Conferences + Events

This sub-brand draws inspiration from the expansive spaces of industry events, with designs abstracting the bird's-eye view of such venues, offering a unique take on conventional conference styles.

Case Studies

These focus on the impactful stories of how Remesh has benefitted its clients and partners, with designs that emphasize content clarity without unnecessary distractions.

Catarina Prata, Andie Baker, Sam Yancey
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