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Network Right

Branding Design
A brand revamp for a IT Services Company
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San Franciso, California

Project Description

We designed Network Right's new graphic identity to reflect the company’s values while also aligning with its target market: SaaS companies. Network Right's refreshed graphic identity, is designed to resonate with the essence of its brand and the values they uphold including trustworthiness, innovation, and human-touch. The brand aims to create a sense of calm while staying in line with industry norms. The refreshed color palette, featuring shades of light blues and greens, is intended to foster trust and guide our customers.

An innovative logo, the centerpiece of the new look, combines two universally recognized symbols: network strength bars and a right-alignment UI icon. This logomark creates a simple and memorable symbol to represent Network Right.

The brand identity extends beyond flat design, conceived as a spatial environment with a foreground, background, and the bridging space. The brand's signature color blooms float between the content and the background, embodying activity, intelligence, action, and efficiency. Additionally, they adopted the IBM Plex Sans font family, which nods to the developer and IT community.

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Brand Colors

Logo Concept

Font Selection

The IBM Plex Sans font was chosen for this project due to its clean, modern aesthetic and its historical ties to enterprise computing. This font choice offers a subtle nod to Network Right's core audience of developers and IT professionals.