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Soleiman APC

Brand + Website Design
An elegant modern brand for a tech-forward law firm.
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San Diego, CA

Project Description

This project revolved around the comprehensive brand revamp and website redesign for Soleiman Law, an institutional law firm based in San Diego. The firm had recently refined its strategic approach towards leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to enhance its customer experience. However, its existing brand image and website were outdated and failed to resonate with its target audience, requiring a complete overhaul. The primary objective of the project was to create an elegant, modern brand that would reflect the firm's technology-driven approach while maintaining a trustworthy and institutional identity.

The project, split over a 10-week timeline, began with a Brand Revamp that involved the creation of a new logo, color palette, typography, and iconography curation. It also included the formulation of social media banners, posting templates, and event invites. The second phase focused on redesigning and building the firm's Marketing Website on Webflow, featuring a homepage, services pages, contact page, and a firm page with team bios and headshots. A new tagline was also developed to balance the firm's technological advancement and human officership, resulting in "Technology driven, human focused".

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