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Branding & Website Design
Branding design for an architecture startup
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Tuscon, AZ

Project Description

Mikado, an architectural startup hailing from Tucson, Arizona, specializes in multi-family residential construction. Founded by Stefan Kaiser, Mikado embodies a vision of classic modernism merged with an authentic architectural expression. The brand, meticulously crafted to resonate with early modernist materials and techniques, stands as a testament to Mikado's commitment to innovative and sustainable design.

The Mikado logo is the epitome of simplicity and elegance, featuring the brand name in QuincyCF—a soft serif font that pays homage to early modernism—with tight spacing that adds a sophisticated touch. This choice of typography not only reflects the brand's architectural philosophy but also ensures immediate recognition and recall.

In crafting the brand's visual identity, color selection was paramount. A palette combining a bright, educational orange with a serene, soft khaki achieves a perfect balance, embodying the brand's dynamic nature while ensuring versatility in its application. Additionally, the brand patterns, inspired by materials prevalent in Mikado's projects, further enrich the brand narrative, seamlessly integrating the essence of modernist design with contemporary needs.

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Brand Colors

Brand Patterns

Font Selection

QuincyCF was chosen as the logo and brand font for its balance between classic serif typography and modern pixel-based fonts. It can be used for both large headline text and small details. As a complement to QuincyCF, Inter was chosen as the information and content font. Inter is a well-known sans-serif font that communicates effectively without bias.