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Remesh Brand Maturity

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Advancing a brand to represent where the company is headed
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Project Description

As Remesh continues to grow, the sophistication and complexity of the Remesh brand needs to both keep-up as well as forward the direction of the company. Over the past three years, the Remesh brand has largely remained unchanged. When it was put in-place, it accurately represented where the company was, both in scale and company culture. Since then, many things have changed, most importantly the company's scale and client base. The brand needed to be matured to a level that felt more suitable for the now 150+ person company with clients like Nestle and United Nations.

This brand transition happened over a year-long period and ranged from updates to sales decks, marketing collaterals, case-study designs, internal company branding, demo videos, helpdocs, and the website. The goal was to transition the brand without making a big splash, then once complete, pointing everyone's attention to the now-in-place brand standard. Most importantly, we didn't want to change the logo or overall identity of the company as it had gained traction in the market place.

The new graphic identity is cleaner, more content-forward, more dynamic, but with enough of the original Remesh playfulness mixed in. The biggest transition was in the use of various assets like patterns, arrows, and floating shapes to create a similar effect but with new, simpler graphics.

Catarina Prata, Andie Baker, Sam Yancey
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