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Frontier CRE

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Graphic identity design for a commercial real estate company.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Description

Frontier is a commercial real estate company that wanted a sleek look for their brand. Their brand’s graphic identity was designed to create a contemporary, forward-looking, and trustworthy impression on its customers and prospects. The company leases office and light-industrial space and needed a recognizable, highly visible graphic identity.

The logo was developed to be a play between typography and three-dimensional form. The ‘F’ can be read as a collection of three flat shapes, or as shadows casting from a thin letter ‘F’ standing vertically as seen from above. The text portion of the logo is a slightly modified version of ‘Frontier’ typed in the Centim font face - the spacing and terminals of some letters were modified however

There are two primary forms the logo comes in: a horizontal format with the logo mark on the left; as well as a set of square formats, each with a slightly different arrangement of text and logo mark. These square formatted logos are alternatives to the primary logo, allowing for more flexibility in usage. They also reveal a branded shape - a square with two rounded corners - that is used repeatedly throughout the graphic identity.

Red is the primary color of Frontier’s brand. A slightly muted version was selected to tone down the brightness and intensity, while still delivering a punch. The rest of the colors are fairly neutral tans and greys, allowing the red to stand out.

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Brand Colors

Logo Alternatives

Font Selection

Centim is a narrow, stylized, contemporary font face. Its variating thickness and sharp terminations, make it distinctive, dynamic, and recognizable. Franklin Gothic is a professional, modern, and sophisticated font-face. It's excellent for large amount of copy since it's so easy on the eye. It comes in six weights, each offering a slightly unique tone. The font’s rigid structure gives it an intelligent persona.