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Jerron Herman

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Expressive brand design for an impressive NYC creative.
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New York, New York

Project Description

Jerron Herman is a dancer and writer who has Hemiplegia Cerbral Palsy based in New York City.

Jerron has made a name for himself through a constant dedication to his work, which ranges from performance art to fashion design. He has a residency off-Broadway and has performed at countless venues, most recently at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. His work also ventures into creative and dramatic writing, as well as fashion and clothing design, where he has worked with companies like Nike and Hilfiger to develop athletic clothing for disabled athletes.

There is a constant duality throughout Jerron's work - a balance between restraint and explosive creativity. "Hemiplegia" in Hemiplegia Cerbral Palsy refers to a condition where Jerron can only control half of his body - forwarding the idea about duality and coexistence. The branding identity was designed to reflect the various avenues Jerron's work ventures down as well as capture the essence of who he is as a person.

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Brand Colors

Logo Marks

Font Selection

The Museo family was selected for Jerron's branding because it offers a balance between classical typography and modernism. Additionally, in a serendipitous fashion, it expresses the duality present in Jerron's work.