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Jerron Herman

Branding + Graphic Identity Design
Expressive brand design for an impressive NYC creative.
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New York, New York

Project Description

Jerron Herman, a multifaceted artist based in New York City, embodies a unique blend of dance, writing, and design despite living with Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. His relentless dedication to his craft spans across performance art, dramatic writing, and collaborations with major brands like Nike and Hilfiger to create athletic wear for disabled athletes. Jerron's work is a testament to the power of creativity and resilience, often exploring the duality of constraint and boundless imagination.

The branding identity crafted for Jerron encapsulates the diverse aspects of his career while also paying homage to his personal journey. The challenge was to design a brand that reflects Jerron's multidisciplinary approach and the duality inherent in his work—the interplay between physical limitation and artistic freedom. This concept of duality, inspired by Jerron's condition, where control is limited to half of his body, serves as a metaphor for his creative process, balancing restraint with explosive creativity.

The brand identity aims to capture Jerron's essence and the expansive scope of his endeavors, from his theatrical performances and literary contributions to his forays into fashion design. It is a celebration of Jerron's unique voice in the arts and his contributions to expanding the narrative around disability and creativity.

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Brand Colors

Logo Marks

Font Selection

The Museo family was selected for Jerron's branding because it offers a balance between classical typography and modernism. Additionally, in a serendipitous fashion, it expresses the duality present in Jerron's work.